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  • Community Events

    Bingo at White Oak Manor
    8-21-14 6:30 pm - Skookum Digital Works
    The HOPE Project

    Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing wonderful! I wanted to let you all know that we will be hosting bingo for the residence of White Oak Manor on Thursday at 6:30pm. They will be lined up waiting to play, and they are all so sweet.  If you are...

    HOT AUGUST NIGHTS @ the "ROLLING P-STONE" Run (4.4 mi.) + B'Day Celebration!
    8-21-14 6:30 pm - Skookum Digital Works
    Charlotte Runners

    NEW!:  Kickin' off 4 Hot August Nights at the P-Stone with a shady course, water fountains on route and FREE COLD BEER at the finish line! (And some goodies after the run to celebrate Devitt's birthday!) Let us know if you are an August baby and...

    8-21-14 6:30 pm - Skookum Digital Works

    PencilBlue is the first full featured CMS and blogging platform for Node.js. It's built upon an MVC architecture and utilizes a plugin system that allows for complete override of the core platform. PencilBlue comes with MongoDB and Redis out of...